Trinity - Managed Vessels

The Navy's first Training Support Vessel: TSV-1 PREVAIL
Easily adaptable, the US Government-owned, civilian-crewed TSV-1 PREVAIL is multi-tasked to perform a wide array of military training missions, including OPSEC Monitoring, Threat Simulation, EW Services, MIO Training Support, Cryptologic Training and Mine Laying/Retrieval Operations.  PREVAIL's capacity for simulated warfare training has been continuously enhanced to integrate the latest developments in advancing technology, including improved Threat Simulation capabilities and Multi-drone Launch/Retrieval. TSV-1 PREVAIL is the first of a new designation of "Training Support Vessel" created by the US Navy to coordinate training missions involving carrier battle groups and other fleet-related duties.  TSV-1 PREVAIL replaces the R/V GOSPORT which was retired in 2003 and which had been under contract to Trinity for over 7 years.

TSV-1 PREVAIL is 224 feet in length with a beam of 43 feet.  Her documented displacement is 2285 tons.  PREVAIL is an 11 knot, twin screw, diesel-electric vessel with a crew complement of 12 persons and berthing for total of 39 persons.